Author of poetry, vocalist of metal. My turn-ons are anthropology, philosophy, and evolutionary biology. I appreciate coffee tips at:

First variant of this virulent list

Photo by Samuel Rios on Unsplash

If you’d like to be introduced to what inspires this list and/or you don’t know what frisson means, please feel free to peruse the original installment:

Now, without further ado, let’s get on with the tingling sensations!

  1. “Take it Easy” — Mad Lion

Oswald Priest, known as Mad Lion

The Diva went down to Georgia to play hardcore shows

Me, as a wide-eyed youth, trying to become a rockstar

Your Death Metal Diva here, blessing you with a tale from the road…

In late June 2002, my former band Through The Discipline — a heavy metal/hardcore ensemble — drove 18 hours from NYC to Georgia for a weekend of gigs, in a rickety, red Ford Club Wagon handed down…

With its prophetic plot, you’d think Scott Snyder and Charles Soule were members of the Illuminati

Undiscovered Country issue #1 Cover Art | Nov 2019 | Image Comics (Cover A art by Giuseppe Camuncoli)

Personal Backstory

In 2006, my passion for comicbooks was reignited when I caught wind of Marvel Comics’ classic crossover story arc, ‘Civil War.

I vividly remember visiting a mutual friend’s apartment where his Wolverine: Civil War tie-in issue laid amongst weed grinds on his coffee table. After I commented on the dope…

A poem of need

Image by Jordan Al from Pixabay

I’ve witnessed it before —

your jovial smiles
laughing fits
dancing carefree
playing pranks
bustin’ balls
looking forward to company
planning getaways
being kind to strangers
cracking jokes
blasting music with the windows down
performing skits
creating art
enjoying a phone conversation
hollering at your peeps on the street
congregating on the stoop
chillin’ at the bar
setting off firecrackers
crushing on a companion

Michael Centrone

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